Adjustable Beds


Why buy an electric adjustable bed?

For those of us, like our own Dr.Stirling, who are now in our golden years, the chance to get a good nights sleep can be increased by making sure that our bed is totally suitable for its purpose, both now and in the future.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so really it needs to be a place that is a haven of comfort and relaxation, to rest away from the grumbles of life. Perhaps dealing with a medical complaint has made breathing or movement more difficult and reclining in bed watching the television, knitting or reading can be awkward if the ideal position cannot be achieved.

However with an electric adjustable bed you are just one button away from the right angle to suit you. Whether reclining or sat up in bed, an adjustable electric bed gives you more choice of positions so that you can move it to just the right settings for you. Having a memory setting button on our best selling models can help those, maybe through arthritis or stroke, that find some remote controls difficult to use.

Double Electric Beds

Buying a double adjustable bed enables you to tailor just the right angle for both of you. For example, you might need or prefer a firmer mattress, though maybe your wife or husband would like a softer version, and now you can get the best of both worlds with a double electric adjustable bed. Our hand crafted double bed frames have two independent single mattresses placed in them so that you can be independent of each other in your choice of sleeping or sitting positions.


Why not try a Castle Comfort bed?

Our range of single electric beds starts at just £595 through to our doubles at £3500, demonstrating a wide range of prices to suit every pocket and every circumstance. Just like all of our products, we deliver for free and will set up your new bed in the room of your choice. After delivery and talking you through the controls on the handset, you will get a deeper more comfortable sleep in a new bed. We remove your old bed for free as well, so there is no upheaval or stress involved in manhandling old mattresses around your home. Phone us to order a brochure on 0800 007 5060 or visit any of our showrooms around Stoke on Trent to try an electric bed before you buy.

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