Rise and Recliner Chairs Explained

About Dual Motor Recliner Chairs

Just what does that technical expression mean?

Choosing from our range of dual motor recliners gives you all the benefits that come from independently adjustable backrest and footrest actions. This means that you can set up the chair just to your unique favourite position, using the remote control to adjust the two parts of the chair separately to each other - which is not available on single motor chairs or other recliners. Some of the models also have a memory function so that you can pre-set a favourite, and also massage options for the ultimate type of chair for a feel-good factor.

Often these chairs are bought for their facility to sit reclined when watching television or listening to the radio. With your feet and legs elevated up, it can also help alleviate some of the pressures of living with medical conditions like oedema, vascular complaints, gout or cellulitis. Our best selling range of chairs also has a reset button to take you back to the standard seating position, which is handy for when there is a knock at the door or the phone rings.

Dual Motor Rise and Recline Chair

Dual Motor Control for Rise and Recline ChairDual Motor Control for Rise and Recline Chair These mobility chairs can be fully reclined, making them virtually flat enough to sleep in, should you wish to. Also back the other way, as they are also known as lift chairs, they will simply and smoothly lift you up to a near standing position, which for the elderly can make getting out of a chair straight forward and safe again.

The choice of fabrics and styles is wide enough so that all our customers can find a chair to match their existing décor. Quite often they are redecorating at the same time, and are opting to go for a change all round, so you can have both two and three seater sofas from us to match with your chair, in all the same fabric or leather.

When compared to your existing armchair, there really is no doubt that for flexibility of positions, comfort and all round ease of use a new dual motor chair might be an ideal purchase for you now. Why not visit one of the showrooms, using our courtesy transport if required, or we can even bring you a couple of chairs to try out in the home. Just call us today for free on 0800 007 5060 to find out more or to request our buying guide.


About Single Motor Riser Recliners

Our range of new single motor chairs start from just £595!

Single Motor Control for Riser Recliner ChairSingle Motor Control for Riser Recliner Chair They are ideal to give that extra little lift to a standing position, while allowing the user to also recline to an approximately 45 degree angle with the backrest and their feet out on the footrest in front. This is a great position to watch television from, but you may need one of our dual motors for sleeping in, as the backrest goes fully back... so almost as good as being in bed!

Our range of single motor recliners are all available in a wide variety of fabrics. Swatches are available to see, so just call us or email us your requirements or come and see the pattern books and try one out for size in the showroom. You have a choice of different sizes of chair to suit your build and needs exactly.

These chairs are surprisingly easy to use. Moving from a standard fixed fireside or lounge arm chair to an electric riser chair is relatively simple. The only difference is that now you have a remote for your chair as well as the television! A simple toggle switch up or down will make the footrest rise up, then as the legs are gently lifted off the floor and are elevated in front, the backrest will slowly ease back too. To stand up, the switch is pressed the other way and the backrest comes back to a more upright position, the footrest safely lowers down, allowing the feet to touch ground. Keep pressing the button and the seat of the chair will rise up underneath you, securely lifting you to a safe standing position. The remote control can be tucked away in a pocket in the side of the chair, so no-one need know you might need a bit of help getting in and out of a chair.

Here's a demonstration of Keith and Kathy with one of the single motor 'Lily' models

We also have in stock a brilliant new invention which still looks like a regular fireside chair to the everyday visitor, nicely upholstered in high-seat style with Queen Ann wooden legs and polished wooden arms, but it has the lift chair mechanism underneath the seat to help the user to stand and sit more easily.

An example of the magical chair is on the video here
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