Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Candido got the treatment he needed.

During a journey of quite a few thousand miles - Keith found himself in hospital visiting relatives of friends who had carelessly damaged themselves with fireworks. In the packed and cockroach-infested ward he heard the desperate screams of farm labourer Candido Quispe. Questions were asked.

Candido and his family were so poor that none of his children had been able to afford the bus fare from their village 60 kilometres away to come and visit him, let alone pay for the treatment. A nurse explained that all the staff in the hospital had clubbed together to get the operation done there privately but were struggling to raise the anaesthetist's fees.

Apparently his gall stone removal had been postponed again and again. Quite a story was revealed - which ended up in Keith forking out the specialist's fee (a modest $80) in return for a pledge to get the job done quickly!

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