Carrying On The Good Work

Doctor Stirling, who helps distribute donations from Castle Comfort's Doug Brown Motor Neurone fund, was swiftly brought into action to help local resident Dave Finney who was recently featured in the Stoke Sentinel. Trapped in an upstairs flat, the Newcastle man had been told he has around 5 years to live after a recent diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease.

He had requested Aspire to let him and his wife Sally have a bungalow that would more suit his ongoing medical needs. Unfortunately Aspire has a current policy of allowing only the over 55's to live in bungalows, (Dave is 42) so the local press story brought the issue to a head. Keith offered to install a stairlift for free, as he and Dr. Stirling (whose first wife was a victim of MND) have both been long time supporters of causes that help Motor Neurone Disease sufferers.

Read Dave Finney's story in the SentinelRead Dave Finney's story in the Sentinel We were informed that they would be prioritised for a ground floor home after all and so Keith's offer of a stairlift wasn't required. However they are extremely grateful to the Sentinel for highlighting their plight and when Dr. Stirling heard about it he thought that a special riser recliner chair would be very useful to help Dave stand up out of (and sleep in when necessary,) so visited Dave and Sally to present it with Castle Comfort's compliments.

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