Latin American Style - A Big Thank You To Doreen

A principle that Castle Comfort's charity division has always maintained - is that intermediaries do not water down the benefits or donations or good deeds. We know that professional fundraisers have to live - but it is noticeable when often large salaries and cars equalling rewards well above minimum wage or local pay rates are offered.

Click to read the full articleClick to read the full article The belief that 'charity begins at home' was clearly in the thoughts of Keith Simpson when his mother, who served voluntarily as Company Secretary, passed away. Doreen Simpson had been the single inspiration for the start of what is now a national chairlift company - when she needed such products herself.

This proud lady left a wardrobe of excellent and carefully cared-for clothes etc. - and the time came to APPROACH the usual high street charity shops. However, Doreen's family had another idea. The CCC MD made a personally funded trip to a poverty stricken area of South America to hand-deliver to appreciative natives - lots of 'Doreen goodies'. We think from the expressions on the faces of the lucky recipients - the trip seems to have been well worthwhile.

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