Riser Recliner Chairs - Castle Cozy Lily

Comfortable Riser Recliner Chair with Back Support for £595

The Lily riser reclining chair is a single motor model with soft comfortable seating and a back support with built-in lower lumbar padding. An easy to use remote handset is included so you can find just the right reclined or seating position for you. Generous pockets on either side enable you to store your newspapers, magazines, glasses case or your TV remote within easy reach.

This British made model is fully guaranteed and arm covers and headrest covers are included within the price, as well as our free delivery service if you are within 30 miles of our main showrooms in North Staffordshire. A matching two seater sofa is also available to order and a choice of different fabrics can be specified on special order over and above the two choices that come with the model as standard. Standard fabric options, as shown in the pictures, are stocked at Castle Comfort and are always available for immediate delivery (subject to a major rush for these chairs which can and does happen.)

If you prefer a dual motor chair, why not take a look at our Castle Cozy Marina Chair.

Come and have a sit on one in our Wolstanton shop to feel the comfortable padding together with a demonstration of its ability to help with standing.

Key Features

  • British made
  • Single motor
  • Easy to use handset
  • Back support
  • Generous pockets
Castle Cozy Lily
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