Riser Recliner Chairs - British Stirling

A stylish electric recliner offering exceptional levels of comfort.

The British Stirling Riser Recliner chair has a supportive and comfortable backrest that provides a welcome support to both the head and the lower back areas, as well as full 'chaise' seating and scroll arms.

It features a Dual Motor control and has an emergency battery backup. It has been designed to provide a gentle lifting motion which can assist those with movement restrictions or who require extra help to stand perhaps through a medical condition.

The British Stirling is available in a choice of leather or fabric.

Choose from 4 sizes - King, Queen, Prince and Princess.

Key Features

  • Dual Motor
  • Emergency Battery Backup
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Easy lift-off backs for ease of delivery into the home
  • The foot plate is spring loaded which helps to minimise the risk of pets being caught underneath
  • Easy and secure power connection ensures connection can not be accidently pulled out during use
  • The dual motor allows the footrest and the backrest to be adjusted independently of each other
  • The dual motor model has a near-horizontal full sleeping position

Technical Detail

Maximum recommended weight25 stone or 159kg
DriveDual Motor
Power Supply240v AC
OperationRemote control

Dimensions in cm

ModelWidthDepthHeightSeat WidthSeat DepthSeat Height
Princess79cm 31.0"91.5cm 36.0"97cm 38.0"46cm 18.0"50cm 19.5"45.5cm 18.0"
Prince81cm 32.0"96.5cm 38.0"102cm 40.0"46cm 18.0"52cm 20.5"49cm 19.5"
Queen83.5cm 33.0"99.5cm 39.0"105.5cm 41.5"48.5cm 19.0"54.5cm 21.5"49cm 19.5"
King88.5cm 35.0"102cm 40.0"111.5cm 44.0"53.5cm 21.0"56cm 22.0"49cm 19.5"
British Stirling Riser Recliner
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