Riser Recliner Chairs - British Castle Keswick

Designed with comfort in mind

This modern recliner chair provides the ultimate in comfort with a fibre-filled back cushion and full-width 'chaise' seating, offering support from head to toe.

The backrest and footrest adjust independently to reach any desired recline position including an almost horizontal full sleeping position.

The British Castle Keswick also features an "intelligent' fifth button so that you can easily return both the backrest and the footrest together to the sitting position.

Key Features

  • Dual motor
  • Manufacturers 5 Year Guarantee on all Recliner actions, frames, motors, handsets and all other electrical parts
  • Single-use Emergency Back-up fitted as standard
  • Maximum recommended weight 160kg (25 stone)
  • Choice of fabric or leather
  • Available in four sizes

Dimensions in CM

ModelWidthDepthHeightSeat WidthSeat DepthSeat Height
Princess79cm 31.0"90.5cm 35.5"99.5cm 39.0"45cm 17.5"50cm 19.5"45.5cm 18.0"
Prince80cm 31.5"95.5cm 37.5"102.5cm 40.5"45cm 17.5"52cm 20.5"49cm 19.5"
Queen82.5cm 32.5"98.5cm 39.0"105.5cm 41.5"47.5cm 18.5"54.5cm 21.5"49.0cm 19.5"
King90.5cm 35.5"100.5cm 39.5"108.5cm 43.0"52.5cm 20.5"56cm 22.0"49.0cm 19.5"
Castle Keswick Recliner Chair
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