Getting Around - Castle 4 Wheel Walker

The Castle 4 Wheel Walker, or Rollator as they are also known, is crafted in aluminium so that it is strong yet also is light enough to be easily folded away into a car boot for excursions or for shopping trips.

Key Features

  • Weighs less than 7kg
  • Height adjustable, 33 - 38
  • Arthritic-friendly loop cable brakes
  • Under seat storage bag
  • Padded flip-up seat
  • 7" / 18cm diameter solid tyres
4 Wheel Walker
4 Wheel Walker Castle 4 Wheel Walker Image 2 Dr Stirling taking a rest on the Castle 4 Wheel Walker

What is the size of this walker?

The width of this walker is 22"/56cm so it can be used both outside and inside the home as it fits comfortably through all doorways.

The handlebars are adjustable in height to suit taller or shorter owners, though this particular model has a maximum handle height of 37"/94cm, while the seat always stays at the same height. If you are a large built man and over 6ft then we can order you a model that will be more suitable for your reach. Just ask us or call in to find out more.

Another feature of its use in the home is the soft grip tyres so you can use it on all surfaces like vinyl, ceramic tiles or carpeting. By ensuring the brakes are set, this model of walker can be used as a walking frame too, for instance when getting up from a dining chair.

How comfortable is the walker to sit on?

This model is suitable for weights up to 21 stone/136 kg and the width between the handle bars is 17.5"/44.5cm though the actual seat itself is 13.5"/34.5cm wide. If this sizing seems like it would suit you then the best way to test it is to try it out and visit us in either of the showrooms as we always carry stock of this very popular model. Suffice to say that its main intended use is for those who can walk some distance but like to be able to sit down and have a rest occasionally too. It is a sturdy piece of equipment and the seat could be described as more firm than soft, so may not be suitable for sitting on for long periods of time. Try one out today to find out for sure.

What is this rollator suitable for?

Ideal for when shopping, the padded seat covers a zip-up pouch underneath that can carry up to 10lbs so you can put your groceries or personal items away underneath the seat. Also waiting in line at the checkout can be done sitting down! For days out it can fold away into a surprisingly small space. Because of the 6 small wheels it is often folded away and fitted behind a drivers or passengers seat in the footwell of the backseat, rather than in the boot. This makes it easier to lift in and out for some people as it is lower down.
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