Getting Around - British Uniscan Walker

This lightweight three-wheeled walker folds easily for storage and has a built in seat for you to rest on

This luxury 'aid to walking' is hand-made in Britain by Uniscan and since the 1990's has been Castle Comfort's flagship walker. Many imported budget walkers have arrived in the market place - and these sell well because they do a satisfactory job - although they are considerably heavier - but cheap.

Uniscan were the pioneers of the first light-weight foldable walking frame with an in-built seat, so if you are discerning, respect quality and want the original version, then this is the right one for you! It is generally sold for around £300 - but due to the long standing trade relationship with the manufacturers - and volumes continually en route to Staffordshire - CCC's price is just.... £220.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Folds flat
  • Rest seat
  • Shopping bag
  • Maximum User Weight - 20 Stones (127 kg)
British Uniscan Walker
British Uniscan Walker Dr. Stirling and his new vehicle MD Keith Simpson ensures product satisfaction! Dr Stirling with the British Uniscan Walker

Your questions, that we know from experience you will be asking.

1. Is this walker suitable for inside the home?

This light, but robust walker can be used inside or outside, and is 25 wide as standard. The height is adjustable and will be set on delivery, or at the point of collection, for the user.

As such this will suit the needs of most users, but if anyone is extremely small or large, then please mention it as special size options can be arranged. It is simple to alter the height but anyone in doubt, even after years of use, can call CCC and a team member will pop out free of charge to adjust as needed.

2. Does the walking frame have any special features?

Its most surprising feature is that is a three 'legged' triangular shaped walker (very neat indeed) WITH A SEAT!
Most walkers with seats have a four wheeled square configuration.

Also, a surprise feature is the walking stick holder. It is mounted on the right hand side of the frame, though by request if you are left handed you can have it on the left. Why not treat yourself to a new walking stick while you are shopping with us?

3. Is it easy to use the Castle Uniscan?

Absolutely. In order to help maintain your current walking abilities it is better to keep as upright as you can when using a frame rather than slump over onto the handles. The frame is there as an additional support much like a pair of walking sticks might be, but you have the added bonus of a seat for when you are weary. You also have the storage capacity of the bag on the frame to carry things without risking being unbalanced, and risking a fall by carrying shopping bags in one hand and a stick in the other. The 'bicycle' style brakes are simple to use and when they are pushed down, they keep the walker 'stopped' and stable. Any further questions then visit us at Cross Heath or Wolstanton - and we will be glad to help you

4. Can I have any colour as long as it's black?

Well, with the amount of black Castle Uniscan Walkers sold, you'd think Henry Ford was making them! But you'll be pleased to know that you can choose from 5 standard colours:


Treat yourself (or a loved one) today. A Castle luxury walker makes an indulgent self treat - or one of the best presents possible.
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