Walking Aids

We have a wide range of walkers and walking sticks to help you get around both outside the home when shopping or at appointments.

Our range of Walking Sticks suits both the fashionable and more traditional tastes, and you can choose the right one for your needs, whether as a fold up that fits into your pocket, polished wood or a sturdy metal alloy design like a skiers stick.

Our range of rollators are modern in design, and combine strength and good looks with a light-weight flexibility, so that you can easily transport your walking aid on holiday or on days out. Choose the model that suits you best whether you opt for a seated version or a lightweight fold-able one that easily stows into the car. Why not have a joyride round our showroom with any of our walking frame range to feel their easy steering and support, or phone us and we can bring you to have a look at them in our courtesy transport, if travel is a little difficult.


We sell the most popular models of easily transportable wheelchairs available in the UK today.

Lightweight yet sturdy our wheeled chairs, are not a self-propelled version, and so are ideal for a relative, friend or carer to help guide you along. Many of our customers find that such a chair is super when dining out as the arms of this model fit snugly under the table, so that it's hardly noticeable to others. Some models fold away within minutes into their own special carry bag, and like our walker range, can be easily put into a boot or foot-well of a motor car for when out and about.

Mobility Scooters

Our experience in the mobility products market has enabled us to zero in on the most popular and best selling mobility products that we feel bring the biggest benefits to our customers.

Our choice of scooter design is no exception. For a general purpose mobility scooter we think you will see that this mobility product is one of the best in terms of giving you a great combination of value for money together with reliability and a proud feeling of independence.

Getting about safely, with comfort (even 'Castle Comfort' style) and economically is vital for all.

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