Bathing - Castle Easy Bather

This new lightweight bathlift is fully portable and reclines at the touch of a button. Weighing less than 10kg, the bathlift can be easily removed from the bath when necessary. The backrest can be removed by simply folding forward to detach, it then separates into 2 lightweight sections.

The four strong suction feet allow the bathlift to remain stable during use. With a weight capacity of 25 stone. An easily rechargeable battery powers the motor, so there are no high voltages and no electrical installation to present a hazard in the bathroom. A battery level indicator monitors when recharging is required. The bath lift will not lower without enough power to rise it back up again.

The waterproof handset incorporates a large, easy to use, rocker switch. This can be operated by fingers or by the heel of the hand, or even by an elbow.

Key Features

  • Easy to use controls
  • Battery powered - Works even in a power cut
  • Lightweight design - Allows easy removal from bath
  • 4 strong suction feet allows bathlift to remain stable
  • Battery level indicator makes sure the bathlift is never in danger of running out while you are in the bath
  • Can be positioned at the back of the bath for increased leg room
  • Supportive backrest with automatic recline giving generous bathing space
  • Waterproof handset incorporates a large, easy to use, rocker switch
  • Natural rubber suction feet fitted to the bathlift are larger and more flexible than others available, allowing easy fitting to curved sides of baths.
  • Available in blue or white
Castle Easy Bather
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