Castle Comfort Centre and the Haywood Hospital

A hallmark of the success and growth of Castle Comfort has been the company's policy of being out 'in the field' so people can actually see their speciality products - as without doubt meeting a business and its staff and owners is far better than trusting a press advert.

As well as many years displaying at Staffordshire's indoor and outside market stalls - including Hanley, Longton, Stoke, Tunstall, Crewe, Middlewich and Newcastle, Castle Comfort are proud to hold a rare licence to promote their services at all UK Morrison's supermarkets.
Many customers first met CC from external venues when they were shopping and also on days out. The list is endless - and includes Sainsburys at Hanley and Newcastle, Marks and Spencer's aswell as the Leek Show, Betley Show and local Wolstanton events.


Castle Comfort Candy Cart at Haywood HospitalCastle Comfort Candy Cart at Haywood Hospital But in recent years - the permanent daily presence at the HAYWOOD HOSPITAL at Burslem, has become the most exciting venture to date. In fact during 2017 the mobility products company were delighted to announce their best trading year ever, and over half of their additional new clients came because they had spotted the Candy Cart displays there and had been talking to the Wolstanton based team who take turns on duty, changing walking stick ferrules, and explaining the services that are available.

How did the Haywood presence start? Well, it dates back to when one of the the cash-starved wards called Castle Comfort and asked if a wheelchair they were dependent upon could be repaired. Within a few hours not only did an engineer turn up and assess the well used wheelchair was past its best, the directors decided to present a brand new one as a donation from the company's Good Deeds Fund.

At the time, it was noticed that this popular Hospital had invested in four 'Candy Carts' which were to be rented to local traders on a day by day basis to help raise much needed funds. It's clear what was coming. Within days Castle Comfort took over a Candy Cart and started to meet there again many existing clients from years gone by - as well as new ones that came along whilst they were at the hospital.


Soon all four carts were permanently booked including the newspaper and greeting card stall.
Also apart from this arrangement being one of the most successful external ventures ever, the Hospital and its staff and patients seem well pleased with this legendary mobility products company.

As you can see from the photos Castle Comfort have been pleased to keep most wards well stocked up with their wheelchairs courtesy of the Good Deeds fund. This is kept healthy with small donations from the ferrule changes we make, and any small profit made from the sales of newspapers and greeting cards. Happy hospital days indeed - and long may it continue.


Wheelchar donations to Haywood Hospital

Wheelchair donation to Grange ward at Haywood Hospital Wheelchair donation to Grange ward at Haywood Hospital
Wheelchair donation to Haywood Hospital Wheelchair donation to Haywood Hospital from Castle Comfort Centre
Wheelchair donation to Jackfield ward at Haywood Hospital Wheelchair donation to Jackfield ward at Haywood Hospital
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