Terry Conroy Scores Again and Ward 24 is Delighted

The local hospital will always be pleased to point people in the direction of a helpful and reputable homecare products company. The University Hospital in Staffordshire (formerly the North Staffs Royal Infirmary and City General) over the years has been responsible for a huge part of Castle Comfort's success.

Fifty folk arrived!Fifty folk arrived!

Whilst doctors, nurses and occupational therapists should not, in theory, recommend a private company, we know only too well that, in the interests of the public, they are only too pleased to point folk in the right direction.

As a result, the University Hospital is always on the minds of Castle Comfort directors when selecting a charity fund payout. After meeting the families of patients who had been delighted with the service received from Ward 24 (Neurology) a fund raising morning was held one Sunday morning to reach a target to fund blood pressure monitoring equipment for the ward. The company pledged £10 for every member of the staff and business contacts who turned up in their own time for a photo shoot. Fifty folk arrived and the £500 topped up the fund balance to the £1225 needed.

The £500 raised enabled Terry Conroy to present the required sum of £1225 to Staff Nurse Scott Dobing of Ward 24 who is the son of Terry's former 1972 league cup victory colleague - Peter Dobing.


N.H.S. Neurology Department Receives Cheque.

Keith and Terry present the chequeKeith and Terry present the cheque "On behalf of the Neurology Department, may I thank you for the extremely generous donation.

We are grateful for your support and it was very kind of you to hold the fun raising day and please convey our thanks to all those who helped raise this amount.

Thank you once again"

Steve Rushton - NHS Appeals Liaison Manager

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