The Castle Bed Rail Range

For those getting on a bit or with mobility issues, getting in and out of bed, or simply moving positions in the night can become a problem. For this reason the addition of a Bed Rail, often known as a Safety Rail or Grab Rail, can help avoid becoming stuck in one position therefore needing help from a carer, or partner to move around.


Who might need a Bed Rail?

Choice of DesignsChoice of Designs An awful lot of folk! Many people do not admit the fact and carry on struggling. Those with a preference for a soft mattress can have a huge problem. Even the strongest people might struggle to manoeuvre around in their bed and those who favour the modern memory foam type mattresses can really feel stuck. Those who are suffering from a movement restriction through illness, obesity or a disability such as a stroke may also find benefit in using such a rail to help.

Spending more daytime hours in bed, as well as night time, can cause a risk of developing pressure sores if regular position changes are not taken care of. A rail next to the bed can help make moving around and getting in or out of it easier.

Watch out for the correct type of Bed Rail!

Simple To Fit Bed RailsSimple To Fit Bed Rails Some imported budget bed rails are manufactured from lightweight small-diameter single tubes that are only effective if the full bodyweight of the person themselves or a carer plus the mattress weigh down onto the frame to hold it in place when it is being used. Some needing screws and fixings are also only effective if the base of the bed they are on is solid. Some other easy fit folding rails even flex and bend during use which makes them ineffective - even dangerous.

There are many types of rail that can help with getting in and out of bed, including wall grab rails and other metal frames and rails, and cot sides that can be used to assist into a comfortable sleeping position. But some models also keep the sleeper safe, by helping to prevent falling out of bed too.


Features of the Castle Bed Rail.

An assortment of Grab Rails that are easy to positionAn assortment of Grab Rails that are easy to position Most importantly it does NOT need to be fixed using screws or fixings. There is no need for tools or a drill going into the side of your bed causing holes. That of course makes the bed pretty worthless if ever it was to be sold, or traded in for a new one.

By using these products you can help to maintain your upper body strength and it keeps the purchaser independent in their own home. A boon perhaps for those who live alone and need some assistance getting in or out of bed. Less dependence on the presence of a carer is indeed welcome to many - and of course this means you can get in and out of 'the sack' just when the need arises!

The Castle Bed Rail model is fully British manufactured and so simple to fix to a bed that one can be sent for self fitting with simple instructions to any part of the British Isles. Next day delivery can be arranged.

The sleek design in a neutral white corrosion-protected finish also ensures that it fits into any bedroom d├ęcor and avoids the often intrusive hospital look that chrome rails have alongside a bed. The design also offers a number of different hand positions to suit all abilities. If you have an electric adjustable bed, the rail makes an excellent parking place for the handset! Many users are known to keep their newspaper or book, even their mobile phone, walking stick or spectacles suspended on their grab rail!

The Castle Bed Rail is manufactured from strong and sturdy large-diameter steel tubing and has a unique attachment to your bed frame that is also suitable for use with our range of electric Adjustable Beds. We stress, they are easy and quick to assemble or re-position and require no glue or screws, no holes are needed and it will not damage your floor. A Castle Grab Rail can even be taken on holiday!


No obligation guidance on static and electric beds, mattresses and rails.

If you aren't sure what type of grab rail is needed, or whether it will work on your model of bed, you can count on Castle Comfort to give you the right advice even if yours wasn't purchased from us. Our rails have different weight ratings (up to 32 stone / 200kgs.) There are several models. So just ask us and we can even bring one to your home for you to test out.

Why not try one and see how easy they are to use, with either a visit to our showrooms or as we said, in the comfort of your own home. There is even one to see at Bradwell Hospital, Newcastle under Lyme, during our fortnightly visits.

Contact us now, and make getting in and out of the bed, and maintaining a comfortable sleeping position, a whole lot easier again.

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